Professor’s article in The Atlantic explores the news cycle's attention to Donald Trump and COVID-19, at the expense of other stories
Sep 13, 2020

Ethan Zuckerman, public policy, communication and information, has written a column exploring how the focus of the news media has been centered on Donald Trump and COVID-19, to the exclusion of other critical domestic and international stories in the run-up to this fall’s election.

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Weiai (Wayne) Xu Comm Professor Selected as CESL Fellow
Aug 10, 2020

Assistant Professor Weiai (Wayne) Xu has been selected as a Civic Engagement and Service Learning (CESL) Fellow for the 2020-21 academic year.

The CESL Faculty Fellows program is designed to help faculty members implement a high impact, engaged pedagogy that involves students in community-based learning, linked to their course goals, as an integral part of the faculty learning experience.

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Erica Scharrer Researchers take a closer look at sitcom dad portrayals over the years
Aug 7, 2020

New research by Communication Professor and Chair Erica Scharrer, along with current and former doctoral students, explores why sitcom fathers have continually been portrayed as inept. Scharrer studies gender and the media, and specializes in depictions of masculinity. In a new study, Scharrer and co-authors systematically looked at the ways in which portrayals of sitcom fathers have and haven’t changed.

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Kimberlee Pérez Assistant Professor Kimberlee Pérez has been selected as a Lilly Fellow for Teaching Excellence for 2020-21
Jul 30, 2020

Pérez is one of eight fellows announced for the academic year, through the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), which has fostered leadership in teaching training for more than 240 faculty members, since 1986. Many have gone on to win Distinguished Teaching Awards and College Outstanding Teaching Awards, chair departments, and serve in other leadership positions across campus.

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