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Disciplinary and Criminal History

All applicants are required to provide a response to questions about their disciplinary and criminal history on our Undergraduate Application.

Students who respond “yes” to either or both questions will be prompted to supply additional information related to the incident(s) before the application can be submitted.

Upon review of the application, admissions counselors may require additional materials related to any disciplinary and/or criminal history incident disclosed on the application. Our Admissions office will contact the applicant via email should additional information be required. 

It is imperative that all required information is submitted, otherwise, the application will be considered incomplete.

How disciplinary/criminal history information is considered: Although we request disclosure of disciplinary and criminal history on the application, any information provided will not be used to determine candidacy for admission. Candidacy will be based only on academic performance, test scores, activities, essay, recommendations, and so on. If the applicant is admissible, only then will there be a review of the disciplinary/criminal history information provided. This separate evaluation will be done to determine whether the incident(s) was serious enough to have a bearing on the final admissions decision. In the rare event that we determine prior disciplinary/criminal history may adversely affect candidacy for admission, we typically ask an applicant to first provide additional information to help us in making our determination.