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Our Graduate Program offers both MA and PhD degrees in English. More information about degree requirements follows below.

Students can choose from a broad range of graduate-level courses in English studies and pursue interdisciplinary approaches informed by cultural studies and contemporary critical theory. We also offer focused areas of study in American Studies, Composition and Rhetoric, and Early Modern and Renaissance Studies.

Degree requirements

Additional Policies

  • A student entering our program with the MA from another program may be required to take one or two courses pre-1800 or pre-1900 if their MA is seen to be deficient in breadth of preparation.
  • Students entering with an MFA. are expected to complete an MA in English before advancing to the PhD.
  • Graduate courses from other departments at UMass fulfill elective credit with approval of the Graduate Program Director.
  • Creative Writing workshops cannot be applied towards the MA or PhD degrees.


Sarah Patterson

Prof. Sarah Patterson leads a graduate seminar.