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Elaine Marieb College of Nursing Student Ambassadors

The Elaine Marieb College of Nursing student ambassadors help us extend our reach into the communities we serve and help represent the College to the public, prospective students, and visitors. Prelicensure nursing students, including Nursing majors and Accelerated BS in Nursing students, are represented in the group.


Nursing Major Class of 2023

Rachel Aalto

Jennifer Kovarik 

Jenelle Marius

Sophie Meltzer

Julie Obeng-Nyarkoh

Julie Pehlert

Jessica Rodrigues

Aaron Sherck

Jessica Smith

Holly Tremblay 

Kylene True


Nursing Major Class of 2024

Marianna Abdalla

Lauren Bolduc

Kayla Dunning

Bridget Lumnah

Isabella Mancini

Juliana Ochacher

Emelia Pelis 

Chasey Sampson 

Kelsey Wu


Nursing Major Class of 2025

Valerie Casimir

Sasha Grosz 

Katie McLaughlin

Samantha Orroth

Chelsey Ramos

Nicholas Towle


Megan Coughlin

Annie Dolan

Tess Downes

Lindsay Enos

Gianna Martin


Accelerated BS in Nursing

Carly Flynn

Gabriela Garcia

Shavonne Santiago

Dominique Scott

Elizabeth White


Student Ambassador Application Process:

Students will be notified when the application process begins each year.  Applicants for Nursing student ambassadors must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 3.2 GPA
  • Are exceptional among their peers in maturity
  • Have shown potential for growth
  • Are enthusiastic about nursing and the College
  • Enrolled as a Freshman (2nd semester), Sophomore or Junior Nursing Major, or Accelerated student 

Serving as a student ambassador provides students with an excellent leadership opportunity, extends your network, and adds to your resumé. If you are interested in becoming a student ambassador, please complete the appropriate application form: 

Nursing Major Student Ambassador Application

Accelerated BS in Nursing Student Ambassador Application 

Note that you must also submit two references (see reference form in Downloads section below/at right).