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Research and Scholarship



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Since the founding of the school in 1953, the faculty has been dedicated to advancing the science of nursing through various forms of scholarship including original research in areas such as vulnerable populations, patient safety, health promotion and disease prevention, work force development and most recently informatics. The College of Nursing faculty believes that research informs good teaching and successfully integrates teaching, research, and other forms of scholarship.

The Faculty has adopted the paradigm proposed by Ernest Boyer to define areas of scholarship:

  • The scholarship of discovery which is focused on the development of new knowledge. This is the traditional definition of original research.
  • The scholarship of integration which involves interdisciplinary work. It includes research that helps to bridge disciplines, draws from one discipline in informing another, or places the work of a specific discipline within a broader context.
  • The scholarship of application which includes research translation and research on the application of evidence to practice.

The Committee for the Advancement of Nursing Scholarship advances the scholarship goals of the College of Nursing.

Office of Research Contact Information:

Office of Research
Skinner Hall 138
651 North Pleasant Street
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