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Hear from SI Leaders!

Watch SI Leaders reflect on their experiences at the LRC and share valuable words of advice for students. Learn more about the SI Program and our commitment to students success. 

What to expect in an SI Session

Students being guided

At the beginning of an SI session, SI leaders gauge student understanding and emotions through an informal check-in. They attempt to determine how students feel about a particular topic or upcoming exam. They strategically tailor their session to support the students.

Review of Foundational Concepts

SI Leaders clarify complex concepts and ideas presented by instructors. They explain and elaborate upon foundational concepts covered that week in class. They provide opportunities to engage in discussions and a judgment-free environment to get unresolved questions and doubts answered. 

Hands-on Practice
Students in CNS

SI Leaders encourage students to apply their understanding to solve problems. They provide an opportunity to practice and discuss topics solo or in small groups. They walk students through problems, providing detailed explanations and tips and tricks to succeed in homework assignments and exams.  

Students in ILC

SI Leaders encourage students to reflect on their learning. They suggest the next steps in studying for the class. They clarify lingering doubts and conclude the session by providing a glimpse of what's coming up in the next session!

Why SI Works

  • Learn in a smaller environment
  • Identify both topics you know well and need practice in
  • Explore topics in-depth
  • Gain a student perspective on class material
  • Meet other students in the class
  • Develop study habits and learning strategies
SI Partnership Graphic

What makes SI unique?

SI is a unique partnership between faculty and the LRC. SI leaders attend class, take notes, and then create a worksheet that guides review sessions. Their role is to help peers succeed through strong relationships with faculty and peers. They do not grade assignments or proctor exams. 

Female Students
First-Generation Students
Students From Underrepresented Minorities

The SI Process

SI Leaders Attend Class
students studying in ILC

LRC SI Leaders attend lectures along with the students. They take notes during the class and gauge content coverage as well as the instructor's pace. They identify points of difficulty.

SI Leaders Create Worksheets
students studying

SI Leaders use their notes, observations, and interactions with faculty to design their worksheets. Leaders go over the worksheet during the session and make it available to students through LMS pages.

SI Leaders Lead Sessions
Female instructor teaching students

SI Leaders lead 2 75-minute long SI Sessions every week. Sessions incorporate course material, study trips, and additional resources. Leaders also conduct exam reviews as and when necessitated by the course schedule.

Benefits to Faculty

  • Increase student engagement in your class
  • Increase student academic confidence and academic resiliency
  • Improve student performance and grades
  • Stay updated on students' progress in your class
  • Engage with exceptional SI Leaders and support their professional development