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LRC's peer tutors are academically excellent students who have taken the courses they support here at UMass. Tutors typically support between 3 and 5 courses a semester and participate in ongoing training to ensure they’re providing quality assistance and instruction to their peers. After each year of service, tutors are eligible to earn tutoring credentials from the College Reading Learning Association (CRLA).  


Appointment or Drop-in? What’s right for me?

Tutoring by Appointment
Drop-in Tutoring

Schedule a tutoring appointment

Learn about what to expect as well as how to schedule a session here.

Guide to drop-in tutoring

Learn about what to expect as well as how to check-in for a drop-in session.

Drop-In Tutoring Schedule

Explore our comprehensive drop-in tutoring schedule featuring support sessions for various courses at convenient times.

Tips for Successful Tutoring

Learn how you can maximize the benefits from your tutoring session and make it fruitful and satisfying.

What if I can’t find the course for which I’d like tutoring? 

If you don’t see the course you are seeking help in on our schedule, please email us at @email with the following: 

  • The course number of the class you are enrolled in
  • A list of the general topics you would like to work on
  • Any relevant materials such as sample problems, an assignment sheet, a review sheet, etc. 

We will match you with an appropriate tutor whenever possible and get back to you with availability.