Learn about the Kappa Tau Alpha honor society, the 2020 scholarships and the individuals who have received each award and recognition

The News Literacy class circulated the hashtag #UMassNewsLiteracy on Twitter to draw attention to the need for news literacy and to enable students to closely monitor the changing digital news in today's complex information environment.

As a Journalism major, students will now have the option to earn a concentration in Public Relations starting in Fall 2020. Learn more about required courses and develop the skills to prepare for professional success. 

Students in the Community Journalism class continue to collaborate on multi-platform storytelling with Springfield's High School of Commerce. Learn more about how this Community Journalism Project is making a meaningful difference in not only the lives of high school students, but also in the lives of the college students taking this experiential learning course. 

"We draw on proud journalistic traditions so our students can tell the stories of our community bravely, ethically and creatively."

Brian McDermott, Department Chair

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