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Honors students are expected to contact faculty directly to explore those opportunities. They may also graduate with Multidisciplinary Honors distinction by taking Honors classes in multiple departments.

It is imperative that students who wish to graduate with Journalism Honors identify their area of interest as early as possible. This will allow them to take appropriate courses that will provide background and context in their area of interest, suggest viable research questions and help them develop good working relationships with the faculty members most likely to have expertise in these areas. Honors projects and theses cannot be last-minute additions to a student’s graduation plan; those discussions should start in the student’s junior year.

Students are encouraged to review the Commonwealth Honors College’s Student Handbook, which has the most up-to-date information about the requirements for graduation. General inquiries about the Honors Program and the graduation requirements should be directed to the advisers in the Commonwealth Honors College, while questions about Departmental Honors and advising possibilities should be directed to the the Honors Program Director in the Journalism Department.