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Current Online Classes

This page lists our current online course offerings by semester and category. Start dates for each semester follow the UMass Amherst academic calendar.

Please go to the Browse Classes/Catalog on SPIRE to enroll in a course.

PLEASE NOTE: There are NO prerequisites on ANY of our courses. All ESL courses are open to any student who learned English as an additional language.

Online ESL Courses

FALL 2023

ESL125 Techniques of Oral Communication

This fall, Pamela Shea, is offering her highly engaging oral communication course online. In this course, students will improve their English pronunciation so that their speech delivery becomes more comprehensible in the university classroom and in professional settings. The course is asynchronous with opportunities to engage with the instructor and other students and the focus is on applied practice and individualized feedback.

To enroll in an ESL class for the first time, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Online TESOL Classes


LLC322 Teaching ESL Writing

This course explores the theory and practice of teaching writing to adult learners of English as a second language (ESL). The course will focus on teaching English for academic writing, but will also address the teaching of ESL writing to various levels of proficiency and native language backgrounds. Within this exploration, an emphasis will be placed on the classroom implications and practices based on research, concepts and theories concerning the teaching and learning of ESL writing. Historical and social issues will also be discussed.

FALL 2023

LLC320 Foundations of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

The course is designed to present an overview of the field of how additional languages, with an emphasis on English, are learned after a first language has already been acquired. In this course, core concepts of language learning will be explored along with a historical perspective of teaching approaches based on those core concepts.