Executive Committee

General Manager

Kate Horgan
Office Hours:
Mon 2-6, Wed 1-3, Fri 11-4

Kate is a senior studying Communication and Psychology, pursuing a certificate in Media Literacy. She has been a part of WMUA News since her freshman year, and hosts the show Socks on the Rocks. When they are not in the studio, Kate loves crafting, gardening, and spending time with friends. If you want to get involved, learn more about WMUA, or just say hello, you can reach out via email anytime! 

Chief Operating Engineer

Dan Ferreira
Office Hours:
M/W 9-4, F 9-12

Dan takes care of the in-studio audio, computer, automation systems and transmitter sites.  He was a finalist in the 2018 Intercollegiate Broadcasting System's Tom Gibson Award for outstanding engineering. He has been with WMUA since June, 1989.


Carson Cornelius
Office Hours:
M-F 9-5

Carson joined WMUA in 2017. Previously, he served as general manager of WUEV-FM (University of Evansville) and KCOU-FM (University of Missouri). He can be reached about general station questions, comments or concerns. When he isn’t at WUMA, Carson is likely watching the Chicago Cubs or Chicago Bears, catching up on a podcast or playing Nintendo 64. He can be reached at (413) 800-4826.


Isabella Cahill
Office Hours:
Mon 1-5, Wed 1-4, Thurs 2:30-5:30

Isabella is a senior studying Psychology with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies. She has been a member of WMUA since their freshman year and has hosted a number of shows throughout the years, notably “Be Nice 2 Me”. As Programmer, she oversees on-air content and curates the show schedules. When outside of the station, she can be found listening to vinyls, making playlists, or hanging out with her cat. Reach out to them through email for any comments and concerns!

Department Directors

Music Director

Gil Cuevas
Office Hours:
Mon 4-6, Fri 2-4

Gil is a senior Political Science major with a minor in French. He has been a part of WMUA since his freshman year and has cohosted his show, Drip or Slip, ever since. Apart from being in the studio, he loves listening to new music, collecting vinyl, and going to shows with friends. If you are interested in getting involved in the music department, talking about your favorite music, or just reaching out in general, feel free to send him an email anytime!

Events Director

Isabel Durning
Office Hours:
Tue/Thurs 12-2, Fri 2-4

Isabel is a sophomore Communications major. She’s been apart of WMUA since last year and cohosted the show Airheads. Outside of radio she enjoys drawing, watching movies and finding new music. If you’re interested in getting involved with upcoming events or have any other questions, feel free to send her an email!

News Editor

Owen Embury
Office Hours:
Tues/Thurs 2:30-4

Owen Embury is a junior Art History major who's been a part of WMUA since his sophomore year. His journalistic work focuses primarily on local arts and music, but he also leads the station's reel to reel preservation project. Outside of WMUA he enjoys photography, the outdoors, and going to concerts. He'd be happy to answer any questions through

News Operations Director

Jon Plodzik
Office Hours:
Mon 12:30-2, Fri 2:30-4

Jon is a sophomore studying English and history. He has been a member of WMUA since October 2021 contributing to WMUA News and co-hosting Social Eyes with friends Riley and Rudy. He is an appreciator of movies, music, books, and photography. Jon can be reached through his email for any questions or concerns.

Sports Production

Sean Oldread
Office Hours:
Mon/Wed 12-2

Sean is a Senior Political Science and Communication double major at UMass. He is the voice of UMass Men's Basketball and Football on WMUA. He also hosts two weekly shows covering the Men's Basketball and Football team. When he isn’t in the studio he is likely watching movies, listening to Bruce Springsteen, or hanging in the Mullins Center. If you are looking to get involved in WMUA Sports or just chat feel free to reach out!

Technical Director

Gabby Mosher
Office Hours:
Mon/Wed 12-2

Gabby is a senior Communication and Film Production major with a minor in Studio Arts. She hosts her show Table Turn with co-host DJ moss. When she isn't in the studio, she likes hanging out with her cat Sam, and learning to rollerskate. Feel free to reach out to her by email at any time to get on the WMUA mailing list, learn about podcasting, or for anything at all!

Public Relations

Hannah Guerin
Office Hours:
Mon 11-1

Hannah is a Junior studying Resource Economics. She has been with WMUA since her Sophomore year as a Production Committee member and co-hosts her show, Public Disservice. Outside of radio, she enjoys drawing, reading, and spending time outdoors. If you have any questions, are looking for opportunities, or just want to chat, feel free to reach out by email!

Finance Director

Lucas Wohler-O'Shea
Office Hours:
Mon/Wed 10am-12pm

Lucas is a sophomore Marketing major, and has been a member of WMUA since his Freshman year. He currently hosts ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ with Events Director Isabel and close friend RJ, and loves film and fashion. If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to email him!

Archival Music Director

Katie Ellsworth
Office Hours:
Tues 1-3

Katie is a junior majoring in film production and communication, with a minor in creative writing. They have been with WMUA since their sophomore year as a co-host and guest on various shows, and now host their own show, character clash. Outside of radio, they enjoy writing, watching movies, and hanging with their cat, Marcie. If you have any questions, or just want to say hello, feel free to reach out by email at any time!

Sports Operator

Jacob Munch
Office Hours:
Wed 2:30-4:30, Thurs 10-12

Jacob Munch is a senior at UMass majoring in Sports Management as a member of the Commonwealth Honors College. Born in Los Angeles, CA, Jacob has mostly lived in Lenox, MA with his parents and two younger siblings. Jacob first got involved in January 2021 when he joined WMUA and became a beat reporter for UMass Women’s Basketball. Since then, Jacob broadcasts a variety of UMass sports for ESPN+. For WMUA, he’s a broadcaster for the Atlantic 10 Champion UMass Women’s Basketball team and he is thrilled that WMUA is now the official radio network for the entire season for UMass Women’s Basketball! This summer, Jacob was a broadcaster for the Pittsfield Suns collegiate league baseball team. Jacob is very excited to be a part of the staff of WMUA and is looking forward to continue growing, improving, and loving WMUA!

Production Director

James Rigney
Office Hours:
Mon 1:30-4, Tues/Thurs 10-11

James is a senior studying Forestry, pursuing a certificate in Geographic Information Science and Technology. He has been a member of WMUA since his Freshman year, co-hosting Be Nice 2 Me with Programmer Isabella. When not in the station, James enjoys finding new music, hiking or biking outside, and exploring the Pioneer Valley . If you are interested in being a part of the production team or have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Training Director

Riley Bowen
Office Hours:
Tue, Thurs, Fri 1-3:30

Riley is a sophomore English major. She started as a member last year with WMUA News and co-hosts a radio show Social Eyes with friends Jon and Rudy. In her free time she loves arts and crafts, going on long walks, and reading. Feel free to reach out to her by email at any time if you have any questions about getting involved, becoming a DJ, or anything else you might need!