Executive Committee

General Manager

Zoe Kaplan
Office Hours:
M/W 2-5, T/Th 4-6, F by appointment

Zoe is a Senior studying Communication with a certificate in Sustainable Food and Farming. She has been part of WMUA since her freshman year and hosted her show, Earworms and Worms and Worms, ever since. When she is not in the studio, she loves to cook, watch reality TV, and work on an organic farm. If you are interested in getting involved with WMUA or have any questions about the station, feel free to reach out to her by email.


Chief Operating Engineer

Dan Ferreira
Office Hours:
M/W 9-4, F 9-12

Dan takes care of the in-studio audio, computer, automation systems and transmitter sites.  He was a finalist in the 2018 Intercollegiate Broadcasting System's Tom Gibson Award for outstanding engineering. He has been with WMUA since June, 1989.


Carson Cornelius
Office Hours:
M-F 9-5

Carson joined WMUA in 2017. Previously, he served as general manager of WUEV-FM (University of Evansville) and KCOU-FM (University of Missouri). He can be reached about general station questions, comments or concerns. When he isn’t at WUMA, Carson is likely watching the Chicago Cubs or Chicago Bears, catching up on a podcast or playing Nintendo 64. He can be reached at (413) 800-4826.


Nina Jones
Office Hours:
M & W 10:30am-1pm

Nina Jones is a senior majoring in Studio Art and Comparative Literature, meaning she draws pictures for work as well as fun. As Programmer, she tries to keep our on-air content diverse and fun. Nina is often in the office, but cannot guarantee her presence outside of designated hours due to her hectic schedule. Please reach out to her by email with concerns!

Department Directors

Music Director

Gil Cuevas
Office Hours:
M 4-6pm; F 12-2pm

Gil is a junior Political Science major with a minor in French. He has been a part of WMUA since his freshman year and has cohosted his show, Drip or Slip, ever since. Apart from being in the studio, he loves listening to new music, collecting vinyl, and going to shows with friends. If you are interested in getting involved in the music department, talking about your favorite music, or just reaching out in general, feel free to send him an email anytime!

Events Director

John Matraia
Office Hours:
M 4-6pm

John is a senior Accounting and English double major at UMass. As Events Director, he helps book all of the events and shows that the station organizes. John has been a part of WMUA since he started co-hosting a show called “Downtown” with a couple of friends his freshman year. If you need him in any way you can reach out to him on email.

News Editor

Rebeca Pereira
Office Hours:
T/Th 11:45-2:15pm or By Appointment

Rebeca is a junior Journalism and Portuguese double-major from Malden, MA. She's been involved with WMUA News since her freshman year, and now, as the department's editor, she drafts scripts for daily broadcasts and assists reporters in the production of radio packages and long-form audio features. She is a lover of music, bakes a bazillion breads when stressed, and is a big fan of stand-up comedy and leftist thought. Reach out with q's!

News Operations Director

Kathryn Horgan
Office Hours:
M 10-12; F 11-1

Kate is a Junior studying Communication and Psychology, pursuing a certificate in Media Literacy. She has been a part of WMUA News since her freshman year, and as News Operator she has gets to work closely with fellow newsies to create content and enrich reporting. When she is not in the newsroom, Kate loves crafting, gardening, and spending time with friends. If you want to get involved or learn more about News at WMUA, feel free to reach out via email!

Sports Production

Nathan Strauss
Office Hours:
M 3-6 or (By appointment preferred)

Nathan Strauss is a senior at UMass majoring in Political Science with a minor in Art History. A native of Massachusetts, Nathan has worked with organizations like the New Hampshire Fisher Cats and UMass Sports Network and has also been part of just about every beat with WMUA Sports. Feel free to reach out if you are looking for opportunities to get involved!

Technical Director

Carrie Kraich
Office Hours:
T 2:15-3:30pm & W 11:30-1:30pm

Carrie is an Anthropology major in her Junior/Senior year.  This semester, Carrie helps manage the equipment for shows and is tinkering around on the website.  Feel free to email her your questions or just to say hi.  She enjoys oil painting, learning about coral & aquariums, cooking, and MUSIC!

Public Relations

Aviva Gershman
Office Hours:
M & W 12-2

Aviva is a junior studying sociology and history. She has been a part of WMUA since her Freshman year and has her own show called From Russia with Love, which airs every Tuesday from 6-8 pm. At WMUA she manages social media and makes flyers and graphics. When not at the station, you can find her singing with UMass Amherst’s only all female-identifying acapella group, S#arp Attitude, listening to music, or rewatching Rupaul’s Drag Race. You can contact her any time via email!

Finance Director

Cullen O'Reilly
Office Hours:
M 4-6

Cullen is a junior Communication and Journalism double major at UMass. As Finance Director he seeks corporate partnerships with local businesses and organizes further fundraising opportunities for the station. In his free time he loves playing guitar, directing videos with friends, and going to concerts. Feel free to reach out to him via email if needed!

Archival Music Director

Mariam Hassan
Office Hours:
Tues & Thurs 2-4

Mariam is a Junior from Houston, Texas studying Psychology with minors in Sociology and Information Technology. She has been a part of WMUA since her freshman year. When she is not in the studio, she enjoys cooking, listening to new music and watching movies with friends. If you are interested in getting involved in the music department, talking about your favorite music, or just reaching out in general, feel free to send her an email anytime!



Sports Operator

Nick Beal
Office Hours:
T/Th 11-1pm

I'm a senior Sport Management major that's been involved with WMUA Sports for four years now, starting with lacrosse coverage and further increasing that scope with time. I love most things sports and also consider myself a cinephile.

Production Director

Elizabeth Parsek
Office Hours:
Tues-Thurs 11:15-1:00

Elizabeth is a Senior from Seattle, WA studying managerial economics and communication with a minor in information technology. She has been part of WMUA since her freshman year and hosts a radio show at WMUA, The Celebration Station, which covers wacky holidays. If you are interested in audio editing, producing an audio spot at the station or want to become a WMUA DJ, email