The Nurse-Engineer Approach

This interdisciplinary project brings Nursing and Engineering students together to explore modular, mobile robotic research and the educational ecosystem to create solutions to health-care problems.

From fully autonomous disinfecting systems to invasive surgical devices, the incorporation of robotic technology into the health-care system is ongoing and changing the practice of nursing rapidly. To better prepare health-care workers, it is essential that these new technologies are integrated into the field of nursing at multiple levels, including hospital administration, clinical workplace, and university education. Students especially need to interact with robots to better understand and utilize this technology in a controlled setting before patient care is involved.

This project will provide the groundwork for the creation of a modularized robotic educational tool that Nursing and Engineering students can use to increase familiarity with robots that may be encountered in the workplace. This project is in collaboration with Professor Tracey Cobb of the Elaine Marieb College of Nursing.

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Our Mission

  1. UNTAP the unique insights of nurses and engineers to address healthcare challenges at the forefront of patient care.
  2. FORGE new pathways in interdisciplinary research and education to create an open forum for sharing and learning.
  3. EMPOWER nurses and engineers to become leaders of healthcare innovation for a healthier and more equitable future.

Training Healthcare Innovation's Next Generation

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