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Professor Young’s research and teaching interests are in social movements, revolution, labor, political economy, and imperialism in modern Latin America and the United States. His most recent book, due out in spring 2024, is Abolishing Fossil Fuels: Lessons from Movements That Won. The book analyzes the power of the fossil fuel industry, how the climate and Indigenous movements have chipped away at that power, and how other mass movements throughout U.S. history have defeated capitalists. His other books include Blood of the Earth: Resource Nationalism, Revolution, and Empire in Bolivia (2017), the edited volume Making the Revolution: Histories of the Latin American Left (2019), the coauthored book Levers of Power: How the 1% Rules and What the 99% Can Do About It (2020), and the coedited volume Trump and the Deeper Crisis (2022). Current research projects address revolutionary mobilization in El Salvador in the 1970s, the U.S.-Central America solidarity movement, and peasant politics in midcentury Bolivia.  


  • History of Latin America (especially Bolivia and El Salvador)
  • Imperialism
  • Political economy
  • Social movements
  • Political sociology
  • Media studies


(For full list see here)

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  • Capitalism and Alternatives in Latin America (History 220)
  • History of Mexico (History 354)
  • The U.S. in Latin America (History 392E)
  • Latin American Revolutions (History 450)
  • Workers and Work in the Americas (History 693W)
  • Power and Resistance in Latin America (History 397PR)
  • Revolutionary Visions, Past and Present (History 200)
  • Strategies for Liberation (STPEC 491H)