Emergency Procedures on “Active Threat"

RUN HIDE FIGHT safety protocol

Be prepared for an Active Threat/Active Shooter situation.

  • Be informed (Sign up for UMass Amherst Alerts)
  • Be observant (Of your surroundings and situation)
  • Make a plan (Where to go, What to do)
  • Follow the RUN, HIDE, FIGHT procedure

For more information watch the Active Threat Video, below, and contact UMass Police about their Active Threat Training program

UMass Amherst Active Threat Training Video

Campus Safety with Sam the Minuteman

Sam the Minuteman

Environmental Health and Safety and Emergency management partnered with Sam the Minuteman and UMass External Relations to produce eight separate Public Safety Announcements about Campus Safety.  The PSAs will be playing on UMass Social Media accounts throughout the month of October 2018.

A big thank you for helping with the PSAs go to a number of EH&S student employees and members of UMass Emergency Medical Services – and of course Sam!

UMass EOC Team evaluates DHS training program

EOC Team participates in DHS training

On Tuesday, April 3, 2018 members from UMass Amherst Emergency Operations Center Team, Amherst Police and Fire Departments, Hadley Police and Fire Departments and a representative from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Academic Engagement participated in a tabletop exercise to provide participants an opportunity to evaluate the current emergency response concepts, departmental and campus plans and capabilities when responding to and recovering from an active threat incident on campus.


Vaccination Advocate and Paralympic Gold Medalist Nicholas Springer was Keynote UMass Amherst Emergency Exercise and Workshop

Paralympic gold medalist Nicholas Springer

Vaccination advocate and Paralympic gold medalist Nicholas Springer was the keynote speaker for the emergency exercise and workshop held on campus on Thursday, April 6, 2017. The workshop was held to test plans for a mass vaccination clinic if a highly contagious illness ever strikes the Five College community.


We are StormReady at UMass Amherst - NOAA | National Weather ServiceUMass Amherst is StormReady

Emergency preparedness programs at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have earned the school a “StormReady” designation from the National Weather Service, the first awarded to a public university in Massachusetts. Learn how we are StormReady.