UMass Amherst is the only public institution in New England offering both undergraduate and graduate programs in History of Art and Architecture.

History of Art and Architecture is your entryway into some of the most exciting cultural developments in human history. Here at UMass Amherst, you'll get a solid foundation in Western art and architecture, but you'll also have the opportunity to learn about artistic traditions from all over the world, from ancient to contemporary. 

In Amherst, you'll have plenty of art at your fingertips. You'll also find yourself with easy access to the incredible resources of the entire region, from New York City to Boston. Beyond that, you'll have the opportunity to do internships at exciting museums and historical societies. You'll work with faculty to pursue research opportunities that appeal to you. You'll explore exciting study abroad opportunities to get a first hand look at the works of art that inspire you most.

Through it all, you'll be gaining critical thinking and writing skills transferable to any number of careers, and you'll come away with a profound understanding of the visual culture that's such a big part of what makes our lives meaningful.