TEACH 180 Days in Springfield

TEACH 180 Days in Springfield

TEACH 180 Days in Springfield

Urban school districts face distinct challenges in providing high-quality education to tens of thousands of our youth. Key to their success are highly skilled, committed, and compassionate classroom teachers. UMass Amherst College of Education and the Springfield Public Schools provide a unique opportunity for individuals with bachelor’s degrees to become Springfield Public School teachers. This critically important program is offered at the Springfield Center.

Program Overview

TEACH 180 Days in Springfield is a one school year, 36-credit pathway leading to a master’s degree and initial secondary teacher licensure. The program combines graduate course work with full-time teaching at one of four city schools. This program attracts graduating seniors and individuals with college degrees seeking second careers. 

What to Expect

At the start of the school year, which begins in late August, you’ll work with students in the role of micro-teacher or student teacher. By mid-year, you’ll become part of a middle or high school department as a clinical teacher.

    You’ll also take graduate classes related to your teaching level, participate in seminar discussions about effective and equitable teaching strategies, and develop a community service “legacy project” that supports student leadership. 

    We are dedicated to providing the training and tools classroom teachers need to effectively teach in our urban classrooms.

    Throughout the academic year, you’ll benefit from experiential learning as well as acquire the skills and competencies needed to become a successful teacher, including: 

    • Motivating students 
    • Honoring different cultures 
    • Planning instruction and designing curriculum 
    • Developing a professional portfolio 
    • Teaching individually and as part of a team 
    • Assessing student learning 
    • Building problem-solving techniques 
    • Collaborating with and learning from other TEACH 180 Days candidates 

    Apply to TEACH 180 Days in Springfield 

    When you are ready to make an advising appointment, email the Educator Information Office.

    When you are ready to apply, visit the Graduate School’s admission website, where you will find everything you need. If you are required to provide specific program information during the application process, you will find what you need on the Teach 180 Days in Springfield M.Ed. page.

    Come. Prepare to teach.