The University of Massachusetts Amherst

The Office of Research

The vision of the Office of Research is to create a research community encompassing the College of Nursing, the wider University of Massachusetts system, and local communites.

To this end, the Office of Research provides support services to faculty, research staff, and graduate students to assist them in meeting their research goals and compete for external funding.

This includes providing information on internal and external funding sources and resources, assisting with grant applications, holding events, and working with the University’s Office of Research and Engagement for proposal submission and post-award compliance.

The staff of the Office for Research is comprised of the Executive Associate Dean for Research, Academics, and Outreach, Dr. Cynthia Jacelon, and a Research Administrator who is available to assist faculty with planning their research efforts.

Please inform the Office of Research through this webform once you have identified a grant that you would like to apply for, whether the submission is a full proposal or a Letter of Intent (LOI). Please also make an appointment with Dr. Jacelon to discuss your intentions. We can then let you know whether this needs to be entered into Kuali Research (the University's software tool that facilitates sponsored activities workflow) and approved by the University's Office of Pre-Award Services (OPAS). Please complete this form at least six-eight weeks in advance of the Sponsor Due Date, but no less than four weeks (five weeks if subcontracts are required or the UMass Foundation needs to be involved). If we receive less notice, then we cannot guarantee that your proposal will be submitted.

The earlier that you are able to inform the Office of Research of your intentions, the more assistance that we will be able to provide. The Office of Research can offer guidance on application requirements to ensure proposal compliance, establish a timetable for submission, assist with the development of a budget and detailed budget justification, provide necessary forms, and review your submission.

If you would like to learn more about our PhD program, please click here

Links to various resources that College of Nursing researchers may find of interest, including information on UMass Amherst's new grants submission system, Kuali Research, UMass Amherst procedures, and National Institutes of Health resources, can be found here.

Office of Research Contact Information:

Cynthia Jacelon
Executive Associate Dean for Research, Academics, and Outreach
Campus Address: 
Skinner Hall 138


Ian Cooke
Ian Cooke
Research Administrator
Campus Address: 
Skinner Hall 138A