The online Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education (GCNE) prepares registered nurses to work in education roles in colleges, universities, and clinical settings. 

The GCNE consists of a flexible, 4-course (12-credit) program of study focused on the knowledge and skills required to teach nursing. All Nursing courses are offered online, and the capstone teaching practicum takes place in a classroom, clinical site, skills laboratory, or community education setting.

The curriculum includes: 

  • Course N621 - Teaching in Nursing
  • Course N641 - Curriculum Development and Evaluation Process in Nursing 
  • Course N560 - Simulation in Healthcare 
  • Course N698T - Teaching Practicum in Nursing (Online and or in person is acceptable) 

Eligibility is extended to: 

  • students in UMass Amherst's Clinical Nurse Leader (MS-CNL), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), or other PhD programs; and
  • registered nurses and nursing faculty who are not enrolled in another UMass Amherst program but who wish to develop and enhance their teaching skills.

Students who complete the GCNE program and have a master's or doctoral degree in Nursing are qualified to take the National League for Nursing (NLN) Certification for Nurse Educators