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Director Position Opening Announcement

Have you been thinking about moving into a leadership role?

Does your research have a connection to the health and well-being of families?

Do you have a vision for how scholars from across the university might collaborate and contribute to interdisciplinary family research? 

Are you committed to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion? 

If you answered yes to these questions, let's talk! We can help you consider how your skills and experience might be a fit for this unique opportunity to lead. 

What Can be Done to Offset the Disparities Felt by Graduate Students Due to Covid-19? Professor Linda Tropp (FRS 2009) Shares Recommendations

Graduate students in the field of psychology face unique challenges during the pandemic—not being able to carry on their research due to mandatory laboratory closures, social distancing requirements, and restrictions to in-person fieldwork. Coupling these challenges with concerns about meeting educational milestones, financial insecurity, and professional advancement opportunities, graduate students need real-time assistance and guidance from mentors and their communities. 

Division of Labor in the Household, Who is Carrying the Heavier Load? Dr. Maureen Perry-Jenkins Provides Insight

As the pandemic carries on and more people than ever are working from homes, Dr. Maureen Perry-Jenkins, CRF faculty director and associate dean graduate, post-doctoral and faculty development for the College of Natural Sciences, spoke with Desert News to look into the division of labor within households.