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Introduction to Power Analysis

A common consideration for social science research is how many subjects are needed for their study. Whether it's for grant applications, planning effective recruitment, or examining the findings of previous work, power analysis is a commonly used tool. This seminar, the first of a three-part series, will dive into the basics of power analysis, explaining what power is, what questions it answers, and what is needed to conduct power analysis. In addition, this seminar will give hands-on tutorials on how to run power analyses for t-tests, ANOVA, and single-predictor regression...

Using Social Media and Technology in Adoption Search and Reunion: The Lived Experiences of Irish Intercountry Adoptees

This presentation reveals the central role of social media and technology in reunion between persons adopted to Ireland from other countries and their birth family members.   Social media and other technologies have significantly transformed and are now a central feature of reunion in intercountry adoption.   This presentation will explore how social media and technology have facilitated, ‘normalised’ and casualised aspects of contact with birth family; increased the pace of contact and can be challenging in relation to managing contact and boundaries for adoptees and birth family...