Family Research Scholars

Family research is broadly defined as research on issues affecting families and thus encompasses all disciplines. We are especially interested in research projects that are translational in nature, with an aim of linking basic research to human and family functioning and/or well-being.

Since 2003, CRF has offered The Family Research Scholars Program, which provides selected UMass faculty with the time, technical expertise, peer mentorship, and national expert consultation to prepare a large grant proposal for their research support.

Family Research Scholars participate in a year-long interdisciplinary faculty seminar that includes presentations and discussions of the Scholars’ developing proposals, concrete instruction on the details of successful proposal submission and the resources of the university, individualized methodology consultation, and information about relevant funding agencies. National experts are also chosen and invited to campus to provide individual consul­tation to each of the scholars on their specific projects and present a public research lecture. 

What are recent CRF Scholars researching? 

·       How stereotypes emerge from infants’ perceptual development?

·       How binge drinking can affect the developing brain during adolescence?

·       How migrant Chinese families cope as they produce Italian fashion?

·       How robotic technology can improve the lives of stroke survivors and their caregivers?

·       How individuals with chronic aphasia can recover language and improve quality of life?

·       How sleep protects and enhances memory in adolescents and young adults?

·       How fragmentation of sleep may interrupt memory processing in older adults

·       What are the stressors for young dual-job low-income families? 

·       How do families’ use of TV affect young children?

·       How do unpredictable work schedules impact families?

·       What helps families make decisions about passing on land to the next generation?

·       How can we build resiliency in teens at risk of suicide in Alaska’s native communities?   

·       How are families with adopted children affected by contact with the child’s birth parents?

·       What are the physiological processes by which marital relationships affect our health?

and much more…