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The UMass Amherst College of Nursing Alumni Association is led by dedicated board members who work to advance and support alumni, students, and the College. All alumni are welcome to attend board meetings, whether in person or electronically. If you would like more information on working with the alumni board, please email Ben Monat at

College of Nursing Alumni Association Board Members 

  • Emily Amico:  BS/2000

  • Priscilla Ampomah:  BS/2020
  • Genevieve Conlin:  BS/1993

  • Molly Connolly:  BS/2009

  • Rasika Chugh:  BS/2020
  • Jennifer Haley:  BS/2014

  • Joanna Krawiecki:  BS/2006

  • Janet Moore:  MS/1993, PhD/2009

  • Marie Rohan:  MS/1974

  • Christine Schrauf:  BS/1968, MS/1975

  • Janet Secatore:  BS/1969, Chair

  • Cheryl Smith:  BS/1994

  • Barbara Stanley:  G/2000

  • Nancy Thompson:  BS/1973, MS/2009

  • Rachel Tierney:  BS/1962, MS/1974G, G/1990

Board Members as of January 2020

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