An internship or co-op in the Boston area provides so much more than just professional experience.

Participating in one or more field experiences—co-ops and internships—while at UMass is one of the best ways to prepare for your career.

There are a wide range of field experience opportunities for students. You can intern or be on co-op during an academic semester or during the summer. All co-ops are paid, while only some internships are paid. They all provide valuable experience for you and improve your résumé.

It is never too early to start thinking about field experience opportunities. Even first-year students may begin by participating in uncredited internships and other opportunities (volunteer work, campus activities, job shadowing, informational interviewing) to build skills and prepare for later internships.


Students register for internship/practicum course credits either via UMass 298 or through their major-appropriate internship/practicum course offerings. Full-time students who need additional credit can register for in-person courses available on the Mount Ida Campus, "multi-modal" courses offered in Amherst via in-classroom technology on the Mount Ida Campus, or for courses via the University Without Walls, without paying additional fees.