Dania Francis Awarded 2018 Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dania Francis, assistant professor of economics and Afro-American studies, has been selected to receive a National Academy of Education / Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship, which was created to encourage outstanding scholars at the postdoctoral level to pursue critical education research projects. 

The $70,000 awards support non-residential postdoctoral proposals that make significant scholarly contributions to the field of education.

UMass Economics in the News

Katherine A. Moos, economics, is interviewed about a new paper she has written for the Political Economy Research Institute that tracks how labor taxes and transfers have evolved during the last 60 years. (The Real News Network, 2/9/18)

Robert N. Pollin, Distinguished Professor in economics and co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute, comments in several news stories about efforts in California and Maine to establish single payer health care systems. Pollin is also interviewed about how unregulated financial markets have created a bubble in the stock market that is now starting to deflate with sharp drops. (The Real News Network, 2/9/18; Healthcare Finance, 2/8/18; Capital Public Radio, The Free Press [Maine], 2/7/18)