Congratulations to Our Spring 2015 Scholarship & Award Recipients!

Economics Department Awards & Scholarships

  • Ward McCarthy Scholarship for Interns: Alisha Parikh, Christopher Caro
  • James Kindahl Award: Johannes Raatz
  • Economics Alumni Awards for Distinguished Service: William Thorne, Marton Gal
  • Economics Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievement: Varnitha Kurli
  • Senior Speaker: Varnitha Kurli
  • E.W. Eldridge Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Aaron Goslee
  • Highest Academic Achievement Award: Connor Robichaud
  • Economics Writing Award: Michael Berner
  • Barber Fund Scholarships: James Titus, Benjamin O'Brien, Willis Chen, Misha Rawal
  • Jacqueline Dorfman Scholarship for Women: Misha Rawal
  • Rosemary Werrett Scholarships: Alexander Zamarro, Christopher Karwaski

SBS Awards & Scholarships

UMass Economics in the News

Arin Dube’s research cited in column criticizing LA lawmakers for moving closer to adopting a $15 minimum wage
By: econnews - May 21, 2015

Research by Arindrajit Dube, economics, is cited in a column criticizing lawmakers from the city of Los Angeles for moving closer to adopting a $15 minimum wage. The writer cites Dube’s research findings that a reasonable minimum wage should be somewhere around 50 percent of the area’s median wage, which Dube had calculated to be about $10.36/hr. in Los Angeles. (Slate, 5/19/15)


Robert Pollin on reasons to be skeptical of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal moving through Congress
By: econnews - May 21, 2015

Robert Pollin, economics and co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute, says while he supports global trade, there are numerous reasons to be skeptical of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal moving through Congress. He says opposition from Democrats is based on experience of job losses from other international trade deals that were supposed to benefit American workers, but didn’t. (Republican, 5/14/15)

Arin Dube on PBS NewsHour: “Do better-paid workers equal better business?”
By: econnews - May 15, 2015

There’s growing attention and public pressure to raise wages at the bottom. So I find it really interesting that these companies aren’t just simply raising wages for all their workers, but also raising specifically at the bottom.”
– Arin Dube
Listen to PBS NewsHour segment:

Former and current UMass Econ grads contribute to Roosevelt Institute/Joseph Stiglitz report “Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy”
By: econnews - May 14, 2015

A new report on inequality by Joseph Stiglitz and the Roosevelt Institute called “Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy” ( includes contributions from many UMass-ers:  Sue Holmberg and Adam Hersh – PhD alums – are co-authors; Anastasia Wilson and Mark Stelzner are contributors; and Geert Dhondt and Nancy Folbre are listed in the acknowledgements.

Gerald Friedman featured in Legislative Gazette and on health care
By: econnews - May 6, 2015

Gerald Friedman is featured in two news stories about a study he has done on health care and why it shouldn’t be considered a regular good or service. He also studied how much could be saved by adopting a single-payer system in New York. (Legislative Gazette,, 5/5/15)