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"Welcome to the Department of Economics at UMass Amherst. Our department is committed to advancing, teaching, and applying social science to understand and improve our economy and society. We aim to provide our students and the public with tools for advancing social justice and the Commonwealth."

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The Transformation Problem, Cyann Brolfe



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Congratulations to Jerry Friedman on the publication of Microeconomics: Individual Choice in Communities, a different kind of micro textbook, laying out “micro-foundations for an alternative economics, closer to the vision of the classical economists..... and others who saw economics as a social science.” It opens up a whole new world of issues that are central to real-world economies: trust and reciprocity, the social origins of individual preferences, the ubiquity of market power in a world with economies of scale, efficiency wages and labor discipline, asymmetric information and uncertainty, public goods and collective action. For more information on this textbook.....

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Monday, December 1, 4:00 p.m.
Economic Theory Workshop
Bernhard Shütz, Austria
"Debt, Boom, Bust: A Theory of Minsky-Veblen Cycles"
919 Thompson Hall

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