Master of Engineering Management

Make smart decisions, lead successful teams, and transform your future with a Master of Engineering Management.

Gears and circuit boards

Develop engineering leadership excellence and business perspective for solving complex systems problems with a UMass Amherst Master of Engineering Management (MSEM) experience. The MSEM program includes a collaboration between the College of Engineering and the Isenberg School of Management. This 30-credit, 10-course program engages faculty from both schools and allows you to select from more than 35 engineering management courses, including a 3-course Certificate in Project Management and Leadership and a 3-course Certificate in Decision Analytics, plus the opportunity to take courses throughout UMass. Customize your degree for best-in-class interdisciplinary results. 

The MSEM program will build your business acumen and deepen your engineering skill set. You will learn to bring engineering solutions into the world through project planning, team management, process improvement, and data-driven decisions that lead to better products and processes. You will discover the language of business and the discipline to look at everyday engineering management challenges holistically to deliver superior outcomes. 

Customize your learning with the flexibility of online, on-campus, or a mix of online and on-campus offerings. 

The MSEM degree was a good fit for me because it was an interdisciplinary and flexible program that would prepare me for a leadership role at any company.

Paola Santiago


Expansive Curriculum Opportunity

Experience the best of UMass Amherst with offerings from the College of Engineering and Isenberg School of Management.

Lead the Way

Our Field Experience Concentration allows you to practice the capabilities learned to be an engineering leader.

Stackable Credentials

Experience up to two courses in advance. Complete three-course management and analytics certificates as part of the MSEM

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