Program: 4-year Nursing Major, Class of 2025

Hometown:  Barnstable, MA

What inspired me to become a nurse?

Throughout my life I have always wanted to have a career in healthcare. I never knew specifically what I wanted to do, but I have always had a fascination with the human body and strong desire to help people. When I was 14 years old, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. This devastating news hit my family hard and still, to this day, proves to be the hardest burden we have ever experienced. While my mom was receiving care, my family and I were extremely vulnerable. It was hard to see my mom, being the rock of my family, be so sick; it devastated me. During this time however, I received a lot of hope and strength from the amazing team of nurses that were there to support her. Not only did they make her feel comforted and cared for during this time of need, but made my family feel cared for as well. They acted as our beacon of hope and guided us throughout this process. The comfort they provided me and my family is something I will be grateful for forever. A few years later, after my mom was in remission, I had to decide what major to pursue when coming to college. Nursing, particularly, stuck out to me because I remembered the amazing impact my mom’s team of nurses had on me. I decided to choose this career to have the same effect as them. I hope to one day be the same beacon of hope for someone as they were for me, and provide someone with the same comfort and care.