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UHS helps you stay healthy and cares for you if you’re not. Check out what we offer, how to use UHS and get some helpful tips and timesavers. Learn more about health with these recommended links.

Starting at UMass this fall?

About Required ImmunizationsAnnouncement icon


State law requires college students to have certain immunizations and submit documentation before beginning school. With UHS' new patient portal, coming soon, you'll enter information online instead of on paper forms. Check this page often for updates.

Enrolled at UMass this fall?

Important Health Insurance InformationPhoto illustration of health insurance policy


Students are required by state law to have health insurance. Incoming students are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Benefit Plan and charged on the semester's tuition bill. If you have comparable coverage, you may be eligible to waive the plan. Waivers must be completed before Monday, September 21.  More...

First-year students:

Required online wellness courseMyStudentBody logo

All first-year students, including transfers, must take and pass MyStudentBody, an online wellness course, between August 1 – August 31. The course website has more information and instructions.

Parents: NSO Presentation

NSO summer orientation photoThere's a lot to take in during New Students Orientation parent and family sessions. Make sure you've got all the important health and wellness information you need – download the presentation!

Sun Protection Tips

Choose sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15; SPF 30 or more is better. Apply generously 20 – 30 minutes before going outdoors and every two hours after that; apply more often if you're swimming or sweating.Drawing of shining sun
Throw out sunscreen that's past its expiration date.
If you get a sunburn, products with aloe are soothing; over-the-counter pain relievers and drinking plenty of water can also help you feel better.
Save on sun protection and care products, and much more at the UHS Pharmacy.

It's time for sunglasses!Young man trying on Ray-Ban sunglasses

Summer's here and whatever your plans, sunglasses are a must. Look amazing, protect your eyes and save money with the latest styles from UHS' Optical Services.

Tobacco TreatmentTobacco-free UMass logo

Whether you're ready to quit, aren't sure what to do, or just want help getting through the day without tobacco, UHS' tobacco treatment program can help!