Campus Closure Days

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December 30—December 31, 2014

Most university offices are closed on December 30 and 31 for annual campus closure days.

The campus is implementing an Energy Reduction Plan during this period,  from 5:00 pm on December 26 until 5:00 am on January 2.

The campus community is asked to follow these guidelines while away from offices and labs:

- Shut off all electric equipment that does not need to be on.

- Turn off all the lights.

- Turn off computer and other other office equipment.

- Turn the thermostatic knob (where available and accessible) to 2 or 1, or reset the room thermostat, where accessible, to 55 degrees F.

- Ensure that all windows are closed.

- If the fume hood in a lab is not in use, close the sash completely.

- Turn off any other equipment that may use energy unnecessarily.

This Energy Reduction Plan will not be implemented in laboratory and research areas, the Campus Center Parking Garage, Curry Hicks, Dickinson Hall, Marching Band Building, Studio Arts Classrooms, Tobin Hall, University Health Services, Du Bois Library, Fine Arts Center and Whitmore.

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