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Hot Cocoa & Knitting @ the YKCC

Hot Cocoa and KnittingIt's time for some rich, hot drink a to keep warm in this cold wether.  Join us for some coccoa at the YKCC and lean how to hand knit a blanket or scrf.

Location:  Goodell 306
December 8 | 6:00pm

CMASS Grad School Appointment

Grad School PrepCMASS Grad School Appointment

Get more tips and support on mechanics of applying to a graduate school program in Spring 2023 with Shamo Thar on December 5, 7 and 12 from 12:00-3:00pm.  Book your appointment on Navigate.
If you have questions, contact Shamo at


Student Group Conversations

Student Group ConversationsCome and join us in any of the virtual sessions where topics picked by your peers will be discussed. The topics will include, but are not limited to, overcoming depression, anxiety, burnout, and stress!  
Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom.
Choose any one of the sessions most convenient for you.

Graduate School Program

Gradute Prep ProgramEach One, Reach One

The Graduate School Prep Program at CMASS is committed to preparing underrepresented undergraduate students for the graduate school education of their dreams. Graduate school can be a great experience and a way to advance your career and knowledge. Yet, grad school also can be intimidating for some of us.

CMASS staff is here to support you in your planning for graduate school through our workshops, mentorship initiatives, and resources. Regardless of when or where you decide to go for graduate school, the process of graduate school application requires the support of others. Check out more from our blog: