• Valerie Inniss'

    Dandley Internship Award Winner Valerie Inniss'16 uses Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram to recruit college students in Match program

  • Nicolas Dundas

    “My drive to improve our nation’s public policy made it easy to connect with SBS. While my major doesn’t lie in SBS, we’re all interconnected."- Nicolas Dundas, SBS Merriam Internship Awardee

  • Joya Misra (sociology/public policy) is one of seven scholars around the country working on a new $750,000 National Science Foundation project that will examine whether male & female university faculty have dramatically different workloads.

  • “I fell in love with news as a child, when I’d gather around the television with my family to watch the Jornal Nacional, one of the Brazilian nightly news programs,” recounts Rodrigo Zamith, new Journalism assistant professor

  • Joel Devariste

    “A good leader stands out without having to command his presence to others,” says Joel Devariste ’18, political science student and member of the football team.

  • Deeply Green: The campus’s new Design Building is a model of sustainable architecture

  • Anna Branch

    Anna Branch, Professor of Sociology, has been selected as the new SBS Director of Diversity Advancement.

Frank Sleegers

Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, Frank Sleegers, teaches students at the College Matters For U Program.

Feel Good Friday: LARP Sponsors College Matters For U Program

Seeking Assistant Director of Advising Resource Center

This position implements and coordinates programs to enhance success of all SBS undergraduate students. Working with the Associate Dean for Education and Student Development and the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Advising, the Assistant Director of the SBS Advising Resource Center develops and implements a variety of resources and programs for students at all points in their academic careers. Read the full position description.

Seeking Director of School of Public Policy

Seeking an outstanding scholar committed to the study of public problems and dedicated to the application of substantively important research to their solution. The appointment will be made at the rank of Full Professor. Candidates must have a doctoral degree or equivalent and an exceptional record of teaching, scholarship and research sufficient to merit appointment as a tenured professor in one of the academic departments within the College of SBS. Full description

Social Science Matters: Perspectives on Resistance

A year-long series of presentations sponsored by SBS departments and centers presenting different perspectives and disciplinary interpretations of social science research on forms of resistance.

Go to our calendar to see upcoming events.  

Faculty Positions Available

There are many open faculty positions within the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. View the current job listings. More information on available positions at the University can be found on the Human Resources page.

SBS Scholarships

SBS offers a variety of scholarships for academic achievement, financial need, unpaid internships, department-specific awards, and more. Find a scholarship that will support your endeavors.