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Raeann G. LeBlanc

Clinical Assistant Professor

125 Skinner Hall

Bio: Professor Raeann LeBlanc ’89, ‘2012 is a dual certified Adult and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate of Nursing Practice in Public Health Nurse Leadership.  Professor LeBlanc has over a decade of nursing experience in clinical practice, education, and public health advocacy and brings a broad range of experiences to the promotion of health for diverse populations across the continuum of care.  Professor LeBlanc’s current focus is using evidence based practice informatics systems to improve medication safety among community dwelling older adults. She has presented her work nationally to diverse audiences of collaborative practitioners to improve outcomes for the population of older adults and persons living with chronic disease across settings of care. She has published articles on geriatric clinical practice, medication safety, and vulnerable populations.  


Research Interests: Social capital links to promote individual and community health, contemplative approaches to end-of-life care,  health promotion in geriatric homecare, intergenerational health across the lifespan, medication safety, and mindfulness based inquiry in teaching/learning.


Select Peer Review Publications:

Henneman, E., LeBlanc, R. (2013-in press). Why the 5 Rights are wrong: A threat to patient safety considered. American Journal of Nursing.

LeBlanc, Raeann (2013).  Improving medication safety in long-term care by considering route of medication administration. Annals of Long-Term Care/Clinical Care and Aging, 21,4:20-22.

LeBlanc, R. (Chapter Author) (March, 2013-accepted). Care across the continuum. Gerontological nursing: competencies for care, 3rd Edition. Jones & Bartlett Publishing:  Sudbury, MA.

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