Data Science for Social Good!

Earn your MS in Data Analytics and Computational Social Science.

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Enhance your career potential with a degree in data analytics and computational social science.  Learn social scientific theories and data science methods to collect, analyze, and tell stories with data. DACSS offers a flexible, multimodal learning environment, both in-person and online, tailored to students who want to apply data science for social good. Career paths include both public and private sectors, non-profit and NGO’s.  

DACSS is a 16 month, 30-credit program with core courses and technical electives including: 

  • Data Science Fundamentals 
  • Social Network Analysis 
  • Survey Research Design and Analysis 
  • Text as Data 
  • Machine Learning 

Interested in UMass Amherst's 3- or 5-course DACSS graduate certificates? Uniquely designed with online options for working professionals, both programs develop your skills to tell more compelling stories with data and/or prepare you for advanced graduate studies. 

DACSS taught me not only how to analyze data, but how to tell a story with data even to audiences unfamiliar with the math and mechanics of data science.



Our hybrid, multi-modal program allows you attend class in-person or online, either part-time or full-time.


Graduates of this STEM OPT-certified program are well prepared to enter this competitive, data-centric job market


Learn how to apply both quantitative and qualitative skills to turn data into a powerful decision-making tool. 

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