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Spanish and Portuguese, Deparment of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Catalan Film Festival

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Spanish cinema started in Catalonia with two important schools: the realistic school led by Fructuós Gelabert; and the fantastic trend represented by Segundo de Chomón. After the silence forced upon Catalan cinema during Franco's dictatorship in the 40's and 50's, it started to regain an important role in the film industry with the Barcelona School in the mid 60's.
Presently Catalan Cinema enjoys a strong recognition thanks to the works of well-known Catalan directors such as Bigas Luna, Ventura Pons and Isabel Coixet, among others. Class meets once a week for three hours. Graduate students are in charge of twenty minutes film introductions and discussion moderation after the film. Films are shown in the original language (Catalan or Castilian) w/ English subtitles.

Upcoming Film

53 dies d'hivern
Judith Colell
April 22nd

Amherst Cinema @ 6:30pm
Three people who coincide one night at a bus stop are witness to a dog being abandoned. Mila, a high-school teacher who has been off work for a year after being assaulted by one of her students; Celso, a security guard at a shopping centre who has a wife, a child and some serious financial problems; and Valeria, a cello student with a troubled family and love life. 53 winter days is the existential adventure of some characters life turns its back on and walks away. They will each be forced to confront their own fears and frustrations, to seek in their own way the answers to their questions.

Please contact Guillem Molla for ticket information.