Hands Recycle Hope - Supporting Safe Passage/Camino Seguro in Guatemala

Sunday, October 27, 2013 - 4:00pm
278 Strong Street, Amherst, MA

Safe Passage/Camino Seguro is a small nonprofit organization that supports educational programming for the community surrounding the Guatemala City Garbage dump. Seeking work outside of the dump, a group of mothers of the children attending Safe Passage started a jewelry making group called Creamos. This has grown into a small enterprise that now provides supplementary income to 30 mothers. University Without Walls Lecturer Lisa Fontes is hosting a "Hands Recycle Hope" event at her home in Amherst. We will watch a short documentary on Safe Passage, have a conversation about their programs with Safe Passage Board member Jacob Carter, and have Creamos jewelry for sale to benefit the work of Safe Passage.

RSVP to jacobacarter.1@gmail.com

Sponsored by the Center for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies.