Community Service Learning

Civic Engagement and Service Learning (CESL) through UMass Amherst is a perfect opportunity for public health students to further engage themselves in the community while gaining course credit and valuable experience. CESL offers a variety of programs that range from certificates to community engagement and leadership training. These programs can enhance students’ knowledge and skills in the areas of education, sustainability, health, technology, and leadership. Public health students can develop a stronger understanding of social justice issues and cultivate skills that can be used professionally in the public health field.

To learn more about CESL programs, check out the website:

*Note: These courses are not part of the major requirements. The programs are listed as they may be of interest to public health students.*

CESL Programs for Credit:

For a list of Service-Learning Courses, click here.

Other Programs/Courses that May be of Interest to Public Health Students

Highlighted Program: Citizen Scholars Program

One remarkable program offered through CESL is the Citizen Scholars Program, which is a two-year, academic service-learning program that links real-life experience to academic coursework. This course sequence is a great way to fulfill public health requirements. Please see the courses below that we will accept for our major:

  1. SRVCLRNG 293: The Good Society 4 credits- can be used toward the lower level collateral field or the foundation section 2 requirement on the social science track
  2. SRVCLRNG 393T: Tools for Democratic Change 4 credits- can be used toward the upper level collateral field
  3. PUBHLTH 499N: Public Policy & Citizen Action* 4 credits- can be used toward 300-599 Public Health Elective
  4. PUBHLTH 499O: Organizing: People, Power, and Change* 4 credits- can be used toward 300-599 Public Health Elective

*These two courses serve as a thesis/project seminar for students enrolled in Commonwealth Honors College. Students interested in this program need to apply, be accepted, and take all four courses.

To Apply Visit: