Volunteers Sought for Muscle Composition Study

August 3, 2017

Researchers in the Muscle Biology Laboratory are seeking participants for a study aimed at quantifying thigh muscle and fat content in healthy older adults (65-80 years old) that are not exercising heavily. This information is important because changes in skeletal muscle composition can alter contractile properties, eventually leading to impaired performance and increased disability.

Volunteers must meet the following criteria for participation: be 65-80 years old; be a non-smoker; be in good general health (have no neurological, cardiovascular, peripheral vascular or pulmonary disease); have no metal implants, pacemakers, or anything that prevents undergoing an MRI scan; and willing to wear an activity monitor and fill out an activity log for one week.

Participants will be asked to complete 2-3 separate visits (~1-2 hours each) to the Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS). The first visit will consist of health screening and familiarization, and the remaining visit(s) will consist of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning. Compensation will be provided upon completion of the study.

For more information or if interested, please contact:

John Chase
(413) 545-6084