Volunteers needed for research study investigating the influence of footwear on joint mechanics

October 3, 2017

Researchers in the Kinesiology department seek volunteers for a study investigating how footwear influences joint mechanics. Participants should be healthy men aged 18-49 year old, who have not suffered an injury in the past year and are free of any orthopedic, cardiovascular, or neuromuscular conditions.

The researchers will be teaming up with Brooks Running to decipher how the musculoskeletal system adapts during repetitive loading during running and how, over the course of a run these adaptations are influenced by footwear and running duration. Focusing on the body’s performance in specific footwear, the aim of this study is to determine kinematic, kinetic and muscle coordination changes during a prolonged run (42 minutes) during which footwear changes during the mid-point of the run.

Participants will be asked to attend the Biomechanics Laboratory on two occasions each with a 2.5 hour time commitment. During each testing session runners will be asked to complete a 42 minute run at their preferred running speed. They will be asked to wear one kind of shoe for the first 21 minutes, then switch to another for the remaining 21 minutes. 3D motion capture will measure joint moments, muscle activation and joint angles during the protocol.

If you are interested in contributing to innovative research with implications for providing information to assist in footwear design with industry partners, contact Gillian Weir (gweir@umass.edu) to get involved!