Public Health alumnus James Stewart, PhD ’92, receives faculty teaching award from Harvard School of Public Health

July 10, 2014


Dr. James Stewart, '74, PhD '92, pictured at left, recently received the 2014 Academic Faculty Teaching Award from the Harvard School of Public Health

Alumnus and recent SPHHS Dean’s Advisory Board member James Stewart, '74, PhD ’92, has received the 2014 Academic Faculty Teaching Award from the Harvard School of Public Health for his work as an instructor in the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency Program. The award recognizes “excellence in teaching, igniting imagination, inspiring hope, and instilling a love for learning.”

The award was presented to Dr. Stewart at the reception on June 13, 2014 for the graduating residents in the Occupational and Environmental Medicine program. Only one “Academic Faculty Award” is made per year. An additional award is made for the clinical aspects of their training and that award went to Dr. Alan Riley.

“For me this may be the most meaningful event of my academic career,” said Dr. Stewart. “I work hard on the course content/teaching, so having the contribution to the School’s Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency Program recognized in this way is fantastic.”

Dr. Stewart teaches a variety of graduate courses on the topics of industrial hygiene, industrial hygiene management and resource allocation, mathematical exposure modeling and respiratory protection. He is also co-Principal Investigator of a multi-year project to conduct an exposure assessment for a nested case control study of CNS cancer.

Dr. Stewart earned his PhD in environmental health and toxicology, a master's degree in chemistry and a bachelor's degree in public health, all from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He has served on the SPHHS Dean's Advisory Board on multiple occasions, most recently from 2011-2013.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Stewart has published many peer-reviewed scientific articles, two books on the mathematical aspects of industrial hygiene and book chapters on industrial hygiene management, intervention strategies and a range of other topics. He has served on two National Academies/National Research Council Committees and is an active member and current Chair of the Exposure Assessment Strategies Committee of the AIHA.

Dr. Stewart is also a Principal Scientist at Environmental Health and Engineering, Inc (EH&E). At EH&E, Dr. Stewart's division conducts a wide range of engineering and exposure assessments for clients including government, industry, health care and higher education.