Dean's International Travel/Research Award for Ph.D. Students 2015-2016

The School of Public Health and Health Sciences announces four International Travel/Research Awards. These awards are designed to support travel and research costs for international research by full time Ph.D. students in the SPHHS. Each award is up to $2000. The research/travel project must be conducted within 12 months of notification of receipt of the award.

Ph.D. students should submit a one page application including their name, name of faculty advisor, degree program and year in degree program. Include a description of the proposed project, the principle research question(s) and how the research will be enhanced via this award. A letter from your Graduate Program Director indicating that the applicant is in good academic standing and is currently a full time student in the department must be attached. The application should be signed by the applicant and the applicant’s faculty advisor.

The application (use the electronic application form on Page 2) should be completed prior to December 11, 2015 and submitted to the Department Chairs. Proposals will be reviewed by the Department Chairs who will then submit two proposals by December 18, 2015 from their department to Carey Simos ( with copies to Dean Marjorie Aelion ( and Associate Dean for Research Joseph Hamill ( with the e-mail header “International Travel/Research Award for Ph.D. Students”.

One requirement for obtaining an International Travel/Research Award is that recipients will write a one page synopsis of their travel/research experience to be submitted to the Associate Dean for Research ( with a copies to Carey Simos ( and Dean Marjorie Aelion ( no later than one month after returning from the travel experience. A statement on the application should indicate that the applicant agrees to this requirement.