Employees can obtain their "UCard" after receiving their first University salary payment or if/when an employing department has sponsored a Non-Student, Non-Employee ("NENS") account.*

The UCard is your University of Massachusetts Amherst ID card. Your UCard can be used as confirmation of identity on campus, as a PVTA bus pass and as your library card.

In some circumstances the UCard provides building access, may be used for "swiping in and out" as you arrive at & leave work for time and labor purposes, and you may elect to use your UCard as a debit card on campus.

Once you have received your first University salary payment*, follow the instructions on the UCard website to secure your UCard, starting with uploading a photo for use on your card. 

* In some circumstances employing departments sponsor a NENS account. This typically occurs when a department needs to provide incoming teaching faculty members access to the SPIRE student system in advance of the start of a semester.

Kelly Pleasant