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A mari usque ad mare
From sea to sea
Psalm 72:8 (in the Douay version, Psalm 71:8); motto of Canada
the usually unrecognized source of "from sea to shining sea"

Paul Klee,  Ab Ovo (1917)

Ab ovo
From the Beginning
Title of a 1917 painting by Klee
for the original sense of the phrase, see next

Ab ovo usque ad mala
From the egg to the apples [from beginning to end]
Horace, Satires 1/3
refers to the order of dishes at a Roman banquet

Absentem laedet, cum ebrio qui litigat
He merely injures one who is not really there, who argues with a drunk
Publilius Syrus


Abusus non tollit usum
[The possibility of] misuse does not preclude [right] use
attributed to Paracelsus, speaking of drugs

Ad astra per aspera
To the stars, through hard work
[Mottof of many schools and other organizations, including NASA]

Aegrescitque medendo
And the more inflamed by the healing [the remedy only makes it worse]
Vergil, Aeneid 12:46
as a separate saying, usually shortened to Aegrescit medendo

Age quod agis
Do what you do [What you do, do well]

Alieni appetens, sui profusus
Covetous of others' [possessions], prodigal of his own
Sallust, Catilina 5

Baylor School Campus

Amat victoria curam
Success loves [favors] those who take pains
Catullus 62:16
motto of the Baylor School, Chattanooga Tennessee

Amici fures temporum
Friends are the thieves of time
Francis Bacon, Advancement of Learning (as standard advice to the young)

Amicus certus in re incerta, cernitur
A friend in need is a friend indeed
Ennius, quoted by Cicero, De Amicitia 64

Ars longa, vita brevis
Art is long, but life is short
Seneca, De Brevitate Vitae 1
ultimately from Hippocrates, referring to the time needed to master the art of medicine

Ars prima regni posse te invidiam pati
The first art of the ruler is to be able to endure envy
Seneca, Hercules Furens 353

Desiderius Erasmus (by Holbein, 1523)

Aurora Musis amica
Dawn is friend to the Muses [suitable for inspiration]
Erasmus, De Ratione Studii

Aut imiteris aut oderis
Either imitate it or hate it [the way of the world]
Seneca, Epistulae Morales 7:7
originally introduced by necesse est "it is necessary that"

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