Warring States Papers
Information For Librarians

Subtitle: Studies in Chinese and Comparative Philology
Frequency: Annual (some delays possible)
Format: PB (notched perfect binding)
Pages per Volume: 256
Size: 6.875 x 10 inches (26 cm)
Articles per volume: Approximately 40
Illustrations: Occasional (black and white or halftone)


Publisher: Warring States Project
Price: $40 per volume

Subscriptions: None. (Each volume is treated as a separarte book. For standing orders, see your jobber)
New volumes announced: This website


Print ISSN: 1089-1161
Electronic ISSN: 2155-7446
(E-Book availabl;l oinoly rthe E-3 format is recommended)
ISBN: Assigned to each volume; v1 = 978-1-936166-01-5, v2 = -02-2, and so on
Catalog Data: Available from WorldCat
Recommended Classification: Oriental Philology - Periodicals (PJ2.W37)
China — History — Warring States (DS747.2)
Indexed in: Bibliography of Asian Studies
Databases: EBSCO Humanities International, ScholarWorks

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