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The Warring States Project, founded in 1993, is a department in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. It focuses on primary textual research in two principal areas, Ancient China and Early Christianity. Its work emphasizes classical philological methods (the detection of interpolations, the determination of directionality between related texts), along with a new statistical tool for the measurement of stylistic difference between two texts. The publication program makes these results available to specialists, teachers, students, and the reading public. There are two book series, each with its associated journal. A third book series features studies of poetry in several languages. This page lists what is now available or soon expected. Detailed Contents pages, some with downloadable samples, are available for items in print or in final preparation.

Books are available in HB, PB< or E-book format; journals in PB or E-book.(Available or in-press titles may be ordered by clicking on the Order link..

Ancient China in Context

The Emergence of China: From Confucius to the Empire (2015). An integrated survey of the classical period and its major thinkers. Order here
Quiet Ways: The Dau/Dv Jing in Early CHinese Thought (expected late 2018). The definitive edition of the Chinese text, with a new translation.
Arts of War: The Classical Chinese Military Tradition (expected 2019). The Sundz and Wudz complete, plus samples of the other two early military texts..
Spring And Autumn: The Chinese World Before Confucius (expected 2020). Studies of the only preserved document from this formative period. .
Mencius: A Disputed Heritage (expected 2021). A complete translation, distinguishing the original Mencius from the two schools of his later followers.

Warring States Papers

Warring States Papers v1 (2010). The Shr, Shu, Mencius, Mwodz, Jwangdz, and others. Order Here.
Warring States Papers v2 (expected Autumn 2018). The Shr, Mencius, Sywndz, Shr Ji, Iliad; stylometrics in Chinese and Greek, Prepublication orders Here.

Early Christianity

Jesus and After: The First Eighty Years (2017). A brief outline history of the emergence and separation of the Jesus sect. Order Here.
The Gospels of Mark: Rethinking Jesus. Early and late layers of the earliest story of Jesus and his movement.
The Historical Paul: Letters, Life, and Legacy. The Apostle as he really was, and as his editors wanted him to appear to later ages..


Alpha v1 (2017). The Didache, the stratification of Mark, the Synoptic Problem, Acts, Interpolations in Paul, Yohanan ben Zakkai, Order Here.
Alpha v2 (expected autumn 2018). Psalms, Reconstruction of Mark, Jesus tradition, Paul's letters, stylometrics in Chinese and Greek, the Eighteen Benedictions.

Excursions in Poetry

Chinese Poems in Context: Glimpses of a Virtuoso Tradition (expected 2019). Three hundred poems and many prose pieces, illustrating the growth of the poetic tradition.
Yakamochi: A Life in Poetry. A hundred poems from the final compiler of the anthology Manyoshu and his many lady loves.
Israel's Songbook: Studies in the Psalms. Their gradual growth as a Temple repertoire and a synagogue resource.
Penelope in Waiting: Her Odyssey. The original poem,and its possibly feminine author.

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