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The Project's emphasis on standard philological and historical methodology makes it distinctive in both its research fields, where that methodology has not been systematically applied. The publication program makes these results available to specialists, teachers, students, and the reading public. There are two book series, and their associated journals. A third series is planned for the more distant future. This page lists what is available, or soon expected. Order links for items currently in print are provided below each title.

Ancient China in Context

This series follows and supplements The Original Analects (Columbia 1998), a translation and commentary on the Analects of Confucius. The following list is in chronological order of the texts included. Our overview volume, The Emergence of China, meant for classroom or general reading as well as for scholars, is listed last.

Spring and Autumn: The Chinese World Before Confucius (expected 2021)
The Original Analects: Sayings of Confucius and His Successors (Columbia 1998)
Supplement to The Original Analects
Order from Columbia here.
Quiet Ways: The Mystical Statecraft of the Dau/Dv Jing (expected 2018)
Arts of War: The Classical Chinese Military Tradition (expected 2019)
Mencius: A Disputed Heritage (expected 2020)
The Emergence of China: From Confucius to the Empire (2015). OIrder here
Contents, including some downloadable passages, here

Warring States Papers

In this annual journal will be found many of the preliminary studies for the above, and studies of texts not separately treated in that series.

Warring States Papers v1 (cover date 2010, published 2012). Order here
Contents, including some downloadable articles, here
Warring States Papers v2 (cover date 2017, expected autumn 2018). Prepublication orders accepted here
Tentative Contents, including some downloadable preprints, here.

Studies in Early Christianity

This series covers the principal source texts for the earliest Christianity. Again, the general overview volume is listed last.

The Gospels of Mark: Rethinking Jesus
The Historical Paul: Letters, Life, and Legacy
Luke the Healer: The Gospel of Poverty
Inventing Christianity: The Acts of the Apostles
Jesus and After: The First Eighty Years (2017). Order here
Contents, including some downloadable chapters, here


In this annual journal appear many of the research results which underlie the above volumes, plus studies of texts and tendencies not individually covered in that series.

Alpha v1 (cover date 2017, published December 2017). Order here
Contents, including some downloadable articles, here
Order from our distributor here
Alpha v2 (cover date 2018, expected autumn 2018)
Tentative Contents, including some downloadable preprints, here
Not yet available to order. Check this page later

Excursions in Ancient Poetry

These volumes are a literary byproduct of the above research effort. They are not scheduled for release in the near future, but constitute a possible later part of the program,

The Rage of Achilles: Homer's Iliad
Penelope in Waiting: Her Odyssey
Defining Israel; The Formation of the Psalms
Chinese Poems in Context: Glimpses of a Virtuoso Tradition
Yakamochi: A Life in Poetry

For books published outside the Project's own publishing program, see the Other page.

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