Studies in Early Christianity

Galilee in Modern Times

These volumes together provide a survey of the best evidence for the rise of Christianity, from its deep background in the Psalms and other Hebrew Scriptures, to the time of Jesus as a member of the Baptist movement, through his independent preaching in Galilee and his death in Jerusalem, to the doctrinal and institutional transformations of the following years. Among the highlights of this process are the new theological developments which are reflected in the preaching of Paul, and frictions within Christianity and between it and Judaism, down to the persecutions under the Roman administrator Pliny, in the early second century.

The emergence and gradual separation of Christianity realized an ethical tendency latent in Judaism, but one which did not become the dominant view in Judaism itself. Nor did it remain the dominant view within Christianity. But it persisted, and remains in being at the present time, as something of an unacknowledged element in modern institutional Christianity. This earliest form of Christian belief and practice we call Alpha Christianity.

The Alpha Christianity Project hosts a regular panel at he meetings of the Eastern Great Lakes Biblical Society, in March of each year, when new and recent research can be presented and discussed. Papers are posted in advance of the meeting on the Forum Page for that year..

Titles in the Series
Listed in chronological order of their contents, with the overview volume Jesus and After at the end.

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