Ancient China in Context
Spring and Autumn:
The Chinese World Before Confucius
A Taeko Brooks and E Bruce Brooks

Table of Contents

Spring and Autumn opens with several critical moments which help to define stages in the history of the period. It continues with chapters exploring literary and social aspects, and following the lives of several men and women, in Lu and elsewhere, who played an important part. The reigns of the last three Princes of Lu are recounted in detail, showing how Lu politics and some larger issues developed; how Lu approached the transition from the palace state to the bureaucratic state, with its vastly greater military potential; and how Confucius, whose active career spanned those reigns, failed as a landed warrior and succeeded as a visionary, bringing the serving elite into the new situation. Four concluding chapters show how, and why, the Spring and Autumn period was misrepresented in later centuries.

Some chapters are available as prepublication downloads. Pagination, and the text itself, are tentative until final publication..

Defining Moments
1. Beginning the Chronicle
2. Suppressing the Rung
3. Climate Change and the Di
4. The Syi-gung Transition
5. The League of the North

Heaven and Earth
6. Omens
7. Sacrifices
8. Enfiefment
9. Defeat
10. Armies
11. Covenants
12. Peace
13. Killing
14. Society
15. And
Women and Men
16. Chvng Fvng of Jwan-yw
17. Gungdz Swei of Lu
18. Jisun Hang-fu of Lu
19. Jau Dun of Jin
20. Hwa Ywaen of Sung
21. Tswei Ju of Chi
22. Shusun Bau of Lu
23. Mvng-dz of Wu
The Last Three Reigns
24. Jau-gung
25. Ding-gung
26. Ai-gung
Later Distortions
27. The Historiography of Jyw
28. The Hegemon Theory
End Matter
Chinese Romanization Table
Subject Index


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