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The end of feudal Jou in 0771, the emergence of a multistate system in Spring and Autumn (08c-06c), and the founding of a unified Chinese Empire in 0221, are one of the great events in world history. The Warring States Project is systematically studying the source texts, with methods standard in all the humanistic sciences. The result is a coherent and historically plausible account of China's formative centuries, revealing in greater detail than before the intellectual development leading up to the Empire.

Another world event is the emergence of Christianity out of Judaism in the 1st century. Approached with the same standard methods, the source texts reveal a situation which has long been suspected: the existence of a pre-Pauline form of Christianity which we call Alpha. Project research is further elucidating this earliest Christianity, and also considers the parallel situation with the Homeric texts. Those interested in taking part in any aspect of this work may contact the Project via the mail link on every page of this site.

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