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For questions, call 413-545-0610, visit us in Du Bois 1323, or contact one of the individuals below.

Office Administrator: Susan Dreyer 
Office: Du Bois 1323
Phone: 413.545.0610
Enrollment, Contact Information, and General Inquiries 
Office Manager/Bookkeeper: Heidi Terault
Office: Du Bois 1322
Phone: 413.545.0633
TO applications, Appointments, and Contract Information; General Inquiries

Director: Rebecca Lorimer Leonard
Office: Du Bois 1324
Phone: 413.545.0610
College Writing (ENGLWRIT 112), Curriculum Development, Junior Year Writing


Deputy Director: Anne Bello
Office: Du Bois 1320
Phone: 413.545.3667
ENGLWRIT 111, Placement and Exemptions, Budgets, General Inquiries; please send questions about writing placement to


Assistant Director: Peggy Woods
Office: Du Bois 1328
Phone: 413.545.6313
Teacher Training, Honors College Writing (ENGLWRIT 112H)


Assistant Director: Elkie Burnside
Office: Du Bois 1326
Phone: 413.545.0610
Assessment, Curriculum Development


Associate Director, Junior Year Writing: Haivan Hoang
Office: W349 South College
Junior Year Writing