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For Instructors

What does the Writing Program do for writing instructors?

  1. The Writing Program invites all program instructors regardless of role or rank to have the power to shape the program’s curriculum and functions, including participation on the curriculum committee, assessment committee, and publications committee. 
  2. The Program also offers a spring Social Justice Fellows program, during which instructors can create and workshop justice-oriented innovations for their classrooms or the larger program.
  3. As one of the largest employers of graduate students on campus, the Writing Program provides an essential teacher education and professionalization experience for graduate student writing instructors.
  4. We offer a four-day summer orientation for new instructors that includes hands-on sessions about sequencing lesson plans, teaching revision, giving feedback, navigating difficult conversations, and more.
  5. We offer first- and second-year instructors intensive one-on-one mentorship through weekly faculty and peer-led mentor groups and ongoing observations of teaching.
  6. Our support for instructors extends beyond the first and second years through ongoing opportunities to attend professional development workshops. Our website also contains an extensive database of resources for teaching writing including activities and assignments tailored to our curriculum or for general topics in teaching writing.
  7. The Writing Program offers leadership positions to graduate students and lecturers that offer extensive mentoring and administrative experience and provide a strong foundation in the intellectual work of composition, rhetoric, and writing program administration.