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For Instructors

First Year Writing Teaching Resources

The Writing Program Teacher Resources folder and the Writing Program website include a large collection of resources for writing instructors, including the shared items linked below. You may find starting with the Resources Drive Table of Contents is helpful if you are looking for a resource and are not sure where it would be located.

  1. Handbooks and other logistical documents;
  2. 112: curriculum, syllabi, assignment sheets, and unit guides;
  3. Lesson plans and activities by unit, by rhetorical concept, and by process stage;
  4. Resources on teaching for social justice and multimodal composing approaches;
  5. Grading and evaluation materials; and
  6. Teaching, student, professional, financial, emergency, and health and living resources across campus for graduate and undergraduate students in the Teaching Guide and Employment Handbook.

If you have a source you love to teach from outside the Writing Program curriculum, please upload it to our outside resources form! We love to see what you're bringing to the classroom and might even add it to our resource database.