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For Instructors

Teaching Resources

The Writing Program offers a number of pedagogical resources to help support TOs below, as well as resources for JYW instructors on the menu to the left.

Writing Program Teacher Resources

Compendium of resources for TOs, including handbooks and logistics, grading and evaluation material, teaching forms, documents, and archive of older Writing Program Materials.

Writing Program Resources on Teaching for Social Justice

Teaching resources developed by Diversity and Social Justice Fellows. (For more information about fellowships and other opportunities, see here).

Resource Database: Lesson Plans & Activities

Class activities and assignments, sortable by unit, rhetorical concept, and process.

Writing Program Outside Sources Form

If you have a source you love to teach from outside the Writing Program curriculum, please upload it here! We love to see what you're bringing to the classroom and might even add it to our resource database.


The Reflective Teacher Blog 

Blog written by Writing Program teachers, discussing thoughtful approaches for teaching writing.

112 Syllabi and Calendars

Updated calendars and syllabi for the academic year.

Campus Resources

Resources throughout UMass for graduate and undergraduate students, including resources for academic success, health, safety, equity, and student wellness.