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Rebecca Dingo

Writing Program Director and Associate Professor

Rebecca Dingo

(413) 545-0610

Du Bois 1324

Welcome to the Writing Program! I am the Director of the Writing Program and I oversee the entire program. This means on less exciting days, I am the person who remains in direct contact to the College of Arts and Humanities (who oversees our budget and our service to students) and on more exciting days, I get to collaborate with the Writing Program staff and teachers to carry out the best and innovative practices of teaching writing. The Director is also the public face of writing for the UMass campus and the wider-state community.  Despite the service to the UMass community I provide, I love working with TOs and I continue to learn so much from them.  I am also an Associate Professor in the English Department where I teach classes on transnational and post-colonial feminist rhetorical theory and transnational writing practices.  

I have two young kids who keep me on my toes and partner who teaches 4th grade math and science.  I have travelled to five of the seven continents and I aspire to go to all of them (and as many countries as possible) before I am too old to do so.  In my spare time at home, I like to cook elaborate meals; I used to fancy myself a foodie until I had kids who have rejected my foodie ways.  

Advice: 1) Listen to your students because you will learn very interesting things from them and what they share with you in class, in person, and in writing, will help you develop your pedagogy; 2) sometimes less is more—allowing students to look slowly, carefully, and deeply at their reading and writing can produce better writers than giving them too much.